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2007 - April

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May 30, 2007 - ms backs human-pc interaction (surface), eBay buys StumbleUpon (for some strange reason)

http://www.microsoft.com/surface/ →∅

Feature Stories: "Look What’s Surfacing at Microsoft" (May 29, 2007)

From the "Huh?" department (see also "Uh... what?")

eBay to announce StumbleUpon buy today

Update: So, it’s official, eBay has bought StumbleUpon for $75 million. Here’s the release.

eBay, the San Jose, Calif.-based auction giant is likely to announce its acquisition of Stumble Upon after the close to markets today, according to informed sources. The news of a pending deal was first reported back in April 2007. The acquisition price is said to be $75 million. StumbleUpon has raised close to $1.5 million in seed financing

The rationale behind the deal will emerge in time. There have been some who have disagreed with my hypothesis on why eBay wanted to buy StumbleUpon, a social book marking discovery service.

By marrying the toolbar to Skype client, eBay can do an end run around Google’s dominance of the search business. A simple search box inside Skype client is all it would take. It is not that far fetched: Skype has been slowly integrating various different services (including PayPal) into its client, and slowly becoming eBay’s desktop backdoor.

Our readers and others around the web furiously debated this theory, and offered alternative views.

TechCrunch is reporting on the pending announcement as well.


May 28 - 30 2007 - The D5 Conference

This week alone, speakers are Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, John Chambers, George Lucas ... !

VIDEOS: http://video.allthingsd.com/d5
Main page: http://d5.allthingsd.com/

May 28 2007 - Google Developers conference, 3d maps from google , Google desktop preferences

Where 2.0 (Silicon Valley) conference

~ Google Developer's Conference Day ~ (registration is full)

Click to visit conference site:
click to go




"Share Across Computers": Goog desktop won't save file text to their servers unless you tell them it's okay to do so. The purpose is to allow you to search your computer remotely (e.g. from home, search work docs).

Introducing Google Maps Street View:

click to view image

Read about it at http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2007/05/introducing-street-view.html

"Share Across Computers": Goog desktop won't save file text to their servers unless you tell them it's okay to do so.
The purpose is to allow you to search your computer remotely (e.g. from home, search work docs). See this 'Preferences' screen:

click to view image

May 28 2007 - the roots of "Liberty"


Libertas - Latin - the state or condition of being free or freed ; c.f. Liber. Parallel to Civitas.

Libertus - Latin (male) - A freedman (a freed man, a 'freman') ; one who was once a slave, but who has been freed from servitude. Plural: liberti

Liberta - Latin (female) - A freed woman. Plural: liberti

Libertini - The Roman writers divided all men into Liberi (free men) and Servi (slaves).
Those who were born free (liberi) were called Ingenui (singular: ingenuus) . Those who were formerly slaves (servi) but were later freed were called (the) Libertini. In other words, the libertini were those who became Liberi after being Servi.
One libertini = a libertus ; One servi = a servus.

Libertinus - The class (social class) that the libertini belonged to; of or beloning to, the class of freedmen. Also used to refer to the son of a Libertus.

Liber - Free. A free person. "liber et ingenuus" = free and born free



Palo Alto, Calif. – April 5, 2007 —
Azureus, a global leader in aggregating and distributing long-form, high quality video via the Internet’s most popular media peer-topeer (P2P) application, today unveils Vuze, the next evolution of quality broadband entertainment. Available at www.vuze.com, the service enables a robust community to browse and discover premium content from both worldwide media companies and highquality self-published content. Vuze now offers dramatically enhanced features and premium content from around the world, including the U.S. premiere of the hit BBC television series Sorted, which will be offered in HD. Azureus also announced that it has entered into an agreement with Showtime Networks for distribution of its original programming, including award-winning hit shows Weeds, Dexter and The L Word. Formerly code-named Zudeo, the site already attracts more than two million unique monthly visitors after only two months in existence. Vuze breaks new ground by offering a powerful tool set of enhanced features and functions that enable content providers to easily publish, showcase, and distribute high resolution, long form content in High Definition or DVD quality over the Internet.

“Vuze recognizes that the next generation online video experience lies within the integration of licensed and self-published content showcased in a theater-like viewing environment,” said Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Azureus. “The millions who make up the Vuze community--publishers, editors and viewers--can share long-form video and download licensed content, and experience it in High Definition on their own computer or plasma screen.”

Additional enhancements to the Vuze open entertainment platform include a completely revamped navigation system and search engine, designed to accommodate the massive influx of content from publishers, large and small, and help viewers quickly find what they want. Vuze provides more options for publishers to syndicate and monetize their content through rental and purchase models. The entire experience, from search and discovery to payment, download and play, has been tightly integrated into the application. Publishers can also distribute their work directly from the application.

Vuze will make premium content available at a very low cost, and offer several popular TV show episodes for free, leveraging Azureus’ unique P2P grid delivery platform. In addition, Vuze will continue to offer a broad range of free content from its community of self-publishers.

For content providers, Vuze serves as an alternative, low-cost distribution and marketing platform to distribute compelling, High Definition content to a fast growing global audience of millions of active users. Both large and small content owners can promote their works to their fan base through comprehensive discovery tools, as well as gauge market interest in specific territories.

Azureus’ current content partners include BBC Worldwide (including BBC HD), Showtime Networks, A&E Networks (including A&E, History Channel, and Biography), Bennett Media Worldwide, G4 TV, National Geographic, Starz Media, more than 20 other media companies and thousands of self-publishers.

About Azureus Inc.

Azureus Inc. is the provider of the most popular P2P application for the transfer of large media files. With more than three years of technology innovation, proven robustness, and more than 140 million downloads of its application, Azureus users connect with one another from more than 100 countries and 40 languages.

Today, Azureus operates a leading global video aggregation and distribution platform driven by the exchange of long-form, High Definition or DVD quality videos, as well as licensed digital content from leading media companies. The company has recently announced content partnerships with Showtime, A&E Networks (including A&E, History, and Biography channels), BBC Worldwide, Bennett Media Worldwide, G4 TV, National Geographic, and Starz Media.

The new commercial-grade platform is supported by powerful peer-sharing technology, enabling its vast global community the ability to browse, share, search and discover unique multimedia entertainment in a high-resolution format. Visit www.vuze.com for more information.

2007 May 27

Moving Towards the "Google PC"

2007 May

(surfing) Piaggio Lyberty

2007 May 3

The "Page Properties" meta info box used in the Windows Knowledge Base [screenshot] [code]

Used for the example:
Re-enabling HTML customizations of Web view templates using Folder.htt for local or network folders in Microsoft Windows Explorer.

2007 April 27 - YouTube to Blame for Virginia Tech Shooting

Determining who's to blame. In which segments from 24-hour cable networks prove conclusively that video games and youTube are responsible for the shootings at VA Tech.

Also shows how the only one who has anything intelligent to say about it is an aging rocker. From the Daily Show (Apr 26).

"People, if we as a society are to live, the cat playing piano must die."

April 26 - (bookmark) el

  click for enlargement
[ go : http://web.archive.org/web/20050130111128/meetme-at.net/ ]
el73 newsite: site | css |

From the 'google's not the only game in town' dept: a fun sample video search from www.mamma.com.

Why fun? Cause how else are you going to find out that you can play Doom on an iPod?

2007-04-23 - Google's "note this" : secret bookmarking tool?

Note this ... Duly noted

About "Track my Web History" : http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/topic.py?topic=10470&hl=en

bookmarks :
http://www.arnebrachhold.de/2005/06/05/google-sitemaps-generator-v2-final (Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress v2 Final, 2005)
https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccount ("My Google Account"; "Manage my google services")

note (2003): "Google Adds Supports For NOODP Tag To Opt Out Of ODP Titles" {http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/060713-131905}

300 re-cuts

.pls files and streaming audio from your web server...

... so if I can use the PLS file, why can't I use the standard Playlist file M3U?
You can, in fact it is perfectly fine to use either file, it's just that the shoutcast website has made extensive use of this file format, but as Icecast users know, it is not the standard, M3U's come in real handy when you have large playlist, PLS seem to lack any real ability beyond this simple task. M3U files also support title tags in the Winamp Player, so in essence you will get more bang out of using M3U files . But PLS files have been used extensively, and I promote their use for the simplicity and the fact that you have probably seen them more often in this streaming medium.

I tried hosting PLS files with my web host and it didn't work, the files just got displayed as text files, why did this happen?

Simply because your web servers MIME types were not setup properly to handle PLS files, in this case you must add them to your MIME types file. The proper entry is:

audio/x-scpls           pls

or if
you are using M3U files

audio/x-mpegurl       m3u 

If your web host does not allow you to access your mime types, you can request that it be added or, if your web host supports it, you can use the .htaccess file to add the mime type to the server. If you see an .htaccess file already in your base www directory, add this line to the bottom of the file: (WARNING: If you are uncomfortable with configuring a server or do not fully understand what you are doing, you can cause your website to cease functioning by deleting parts of the .htaccess file unknowingly)

 AddType  audio/x-scpls  pls

This method will effectively tell the server how to handle the file correctly from the directory of the .htaccess file and all subdirectories of it.

... [more] ...

From the Blog Archives - Visual Enhancements for Video Games

Problems I have with "high resolution" video games; some brainstorming on things I would experiment with to better simulate how we actually see: read it here (now with pictures!)

April 7, 2007 - for Microsoft Office 2003 Pro power users

-- Awsomely awsome Excel 2003 Tip of the Month (link funky? go to
[ http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/hfws.aspx?AssetID=HP052024101033&CTT=1&Origin=EC010229861033 ] )
WARNING: Don't just start opening .xlb files if you find more than one! If you don't follow the steps exactly, you're going to reset all your toolbars and buttons!

Adding a right-click "edit .url file in Notepad" (edit Internet Shortcuts) for Windows XP:
(this in response to the slightly misleading post at http://avant.it-mate.co.uk/?c=Tips&s=15#tip) :

	Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="&Edit with Notepad"

@="notepad.exe \"%1\""

> onmouseover defined: http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/events/onmouseover.asp?frame=false
valid in: HTML 4.0 ; not supported in: Netscape Navigator 6.0

Quote of the Day - Tony Robbins - "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

April 5, 2007 - Why XML? (My Rational Reinvention of XHTML)

whyXML version 0.1 (example)


April 1, 2007

// warning: works best without a girlfriend
watch tv(); 
while (alive);

New from Google Mail: Google Paper

Jotspot Acquired by Google

http://www.jot.com/ (hey, it's news to me)

Overview of Developing Jot Applications, Page Types, Plugins, and Themes

jot.com as it appeared APRIL 2006:






> 帝国少年 [new window]

invisible link:



comment on Digg.com: "That teachers a fuckin retart, he spelled hopeful with 2 ll's, that's wrong...and for noob...Extra Credit POINTs! "

RETARTED. (pencil drawing: Tart, Re-Tart, Re-tarted)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> retarted at ytmnd.com



January 23, 2007 - "
The iBoy and the iMan"

   > archived

January 23, 2007 - MP4 standalone player? Also, coverter tools links

January 22, 2007 -
Opera Japanese demo

January 22
, 2007 -
- PHP & MySQL Everyday Apps For Dummies - free eBook download

January 21, 2007 -
Nerdvana with Konfabulator (Yahoo) Widgets > archived

January 1, 2007 - Akemashite, Omedetô Gozaimasu > archived

Kotoshimo dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Direct Download for New Year's: DETHJINGLE mp3 more

Merry Christmas: hope you didn't get visited by the Krumpis (Krampus) instead of St. Nick..


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